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prepared spaces

Marco Trochelmann

Marco Trochelmann
Contemporary Fujara Music

After having worked on several artistic projects in and around Berlin from 1998 to 2002 (projects with orchestras, bands and choirs, theatre and silent film music, intermezzi at literary events, music-cabaret (q.v., playing the Fujara attracted the young multi instrumentalist more and more.
He initially focused on systematically exploring the instrument itself and on developing new non-traditional ways of playing it.
In 2003 he produced his first solo CD
Fujara which was published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Due to the forthcoming final piano examination and another CD production (Maveya, start in 2004, publishing in 2006) further solo concerts were postponed.
In 2004 Marco Trochelmann traveled to Slovakia for the first time and visited renowned Fujara players as well as Fujara makers. He also met active indigenous musicians and got to know numerous traditional shepherds’ melodies, which contributed to his repertoire.
Back in Berlin, Trochelmann continued studying traditional Slovakian music. In the course of time he was led from the traditional shepherds’ songs to medieval music and decided to include his own adaptation of “Ave generosa” – hymn of Hildegard von Bingen – in his concert repertoire. At the beginning of 2005 he added a new cycle of ten Fujara pieces (
Innovationen No. 1-10) and in July of 2005 Marco Trochelmann played his first solo Fujara concerts in Berlin, Bremen and Krakow. Further solo concerts in Germany and the participation in the first international Fujara-Festival in Detva (Slovakia) 2008 followed.
As a result two small DVDs were recorded, on the one hand the solo program of 2008 (
Fujara LIVE) and on the other hand the project 19 Sekunden zwischen Blau (19 seconds between blue), which Marco Trochelmann realized together with the paintress Helene Hering-Herber.
From 2010 to 2011, apart from some minor productions, Trochelmann worked on the musical trilogy
prepared spaces, which was recorded in August 2011 and released as a double CD in 2013.

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