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prepared spaces - PART I - FUJARAprepared spaces - PART I - FUJARAprepared spaces - PART I - FUJARA

The Fujara, venerated as “Queen of the folk music instruments” in their mother country Slovakia, is a shepherd's flute, which is generally 1.70 meters long. Due to its special acoustic and visual characteristics it counts among the most remarkable and impressive flutes of the world. It belongs to the big family of the “duct flues”, and therefore it is a fipple flute regarding the generating of tones, but it can be overblown up to the tenth overtone, which is significant regarding its sound. Thus an experienced Fujara player can play melodies comprising more than two octaves, although the Fujara has only three finger holes. In 2005 the Fujara and the Slovakian shepherd’s melodies were proclaimed “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by the UNESCO.

Links for further information on the instrument: (German) (English)